Arrcus is a networking software company based in San Jose, CA, that is revolutionizing the space of transport networking – routing and switching – with its Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE) platform. With the rise in 5G, Edge Computing, as well as the need for Multi- and Hybrid-Cloud infrastructure, Web 3.0 applications are hungry to access new and growing pools of low latency computing. However, legacy transport gear typically from one of the larger networking vendors creates a bottleneck due to lack of programmability, distributability, and high capital and operational cost. Arrcus solves this problem by disaggregating the network stack – a layer of software that can be delivered on merchant silicon and/or cloud. This leads to a highly programmable network that is scalable based on consumption, capable of being distributed from core to edge, risk mitigated from supply chain shortfalls, and leading to about 40% reduction in total cost compared to alternatives. The ACE multi-cloud networking solution ensures underlay network connectivity and granular policy control for hybrid cloud operations and security. Fortune 100 and Global 1500 enterprises as well as telecom and cloud service providers are moving to use the Arrcus platform for routing and switching in their datacenters, at their edges, and in the cloud.

Arrcus is led by Shekar Ayyar, CEO (former GM of the Telco/Edge Cloud business, as well as EVP of corp. dev. at VMware) and Keyur Patel, CTO and founder (former Distinguished Engineer at Cisco) with a stellar team of networking experts that have created deep IP resulting in 11 patents to date. Arrcus is funded by Lightspeed, General Catalyst, and Clear Ventures as well as strategic investment from Softbank, Liberty Global, and SamsungNext.

We have seen that with Arrcus as a networking platform we are able to drive down networking costs by upwards of 40% while increasing programmability and simplifying the network. We are happy to partner with Arrcus in bringing their solutions to this part of the world.